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Problem: Efficient and stable markets are profitable for everyone, it is proven in conventional markets. Crypto-assets have made an important step towards becoming a new economy, in particular by providing better means of financing entrepreneurial projects.

The markets in crypto-assets are of great interest to all market participants, however the lack of stability prevents these markets from reaching their full potential and threatens to impose regulations onto them.

Stability can be provided by traders and investors who post liquidity, but in these new markets, traders are more cautious of taking liquidity risks, due to a lack of reliable forecast models and understanding of market dynamics.

Solution: They believe in diversification and healthy competition, so our global goal is to increase the safety and reliability of crypto-markets through the implementation of these principles.

CRYPTICS is going to achieve this goal, providing transparency and understanding of inner mechanics to traders, investors and traders, and a platform, which connects all of them to each other and to the science community.

As a result, miners will be able to decide on which cryptoassets they need to focus their resources, traders will be able to get more leverage by providing their services to the CRYPTICS community and investors will get effective tools for short-term and mid-term investment options.

CRYPTICS platform combines 4 modules in such a way that all facets of the issues described
above are tackled in an integrated manner. It includes: forecasting engine, auto-trading engine,
fund infrastructure, integration with research and academic community.

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