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Flux, join the gaming ecosystem


The FLUX team has not opened new continents and has not flown to the Moon (yet), but we have created a product that has already become the first in the history of crypto currencies and eSports. We’re developing a global platform that has no analogues. We offer a versatile global ecosystem that will enable players to earn on victories in competitive matches and tournaments, trade in-game objects, conduct game broadcasts, or raise funds for developing their own game within the framework of the platform. Investors (who invested in internal games) and developers will receive a certain commission for each gaming transaction. Simply put — everyone earns

The newly created ICOs pop up each and every day. So how can you be sure that your investment is safe and the product you invest in is trustworthy? We’ve got you covered here. FLUX introduces SICS (Special Investment Control System). According to it, the FLUX team will receive only 15% of the allotted budget and will then take partial payments from said budget during the development process. If the investor’s expectations are not met, they can withdraw the funds anytime. It is highly important to notice that FLUX Token Sale provides the community with VISA/MC investments availability.

FLUX is a multipurpose tool, and not a service for solving one or more specific tasks. It is an independent game content generator and a potential partner for other e-sports platforms. With its help, it is possible to constantly integrate new products and attract as many partners as possible who will interact with the audience with the help of a blockchain technology. Our system will open up new possibilities for beginners and for well-known developers, streamers and non-professional players, as well as pave the way to the “big league” for a huge number of little-known and medium-sized gaming disciplines.

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