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Bitlumens: blockchain to change the world of renewable energies in rural areas

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BitLumens is building a decentralized, blockchain-based micro power-grid for the 1.2 billion people without access to electricity and banking and is the blockchain solution to change the world of renewable energies in rural areas

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a peer to peer platform where users adopt off grid Solar systems to reduce carbon emissions and get access to lighting and water in places where there is no power grid. Our platform allows the leasing of Solar Home Systems (SHS) to be done through installments denominated in Bitlumens Tokens (BLS). Our goal is to create a positive measurable social and environmental impact.

We provide solar energy to remote villages and in consequence reduce CO2 and health hazards. We replace the use of kerosene lamps, diesel, plastic, biomass and bio-fuels for lighting and irrigation purposes with solar technologies. This allows farmers to reduce their costs and increase their savings while proliferating financial inclusion and in some cases providing employment. Our digital platform aims at offering distributed, off grid, consensus managed, smart energy solutions.

Farmers lease our hardware and pay in installments denominated in BLS tokens. This allows them to build a credit score leading to financial inclusion and poverty alleviation. In addition, family members can buy tokens to send a remittance which could cover the expenses for the machine, meaning water and electricity bills can be covered. We also quantify carbon mitigation and particulate matter reduction in each household to allow women to become carbon credit issuers at a later stage.

About BLS Token

To access and use BitLumens software, BLS tokens are needed. The tokens serve multiple purposes: villagers need them to pay the installments of their solar power device, banks need them to access the BitLumens SaaS (Software as a Service), family members use the tokens to send remittances.

Since most villagers do not have internet access to pay digitally their Solar Home Systems, BitLumens employs agents who will collect the payments in cash and buy a corresponding amount of BLS tokens from the open market. The BLS will then be uniquely associated with the solar power device.

The BLS token is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. It does not represent equity in the company. Since every participant in BitLumens ecosystem will need to buy BLS from the open market, the demand for BLS will increase as the business scales.

ICO- BLS Token Sale

A total allocation of 25 Million BLS Tokens will be available for the ICO Pre-sale and Crowdsale. The BLS utility tokens are initially distributed in a Pre-Sale (Pre ICO) which starts on May 29 – June 18. 10 million tokens are offered during the Pre-Sale at a price of 2 BLS /USD. Only payments in ETH and fiat currencies are accepted. Any Tokens not sold in Pre-Sale will be added to the 15million BLS tokens available in the Crowdsale.

BLS costs in USD based on Sale Date

The ICO Crowdsale starts June 19th – July 17th. Starting at 1.5BLS/USD then gradually Reducing to 1.2BLS/USD the last 14 days of the sale.

There is a hard cap of $25 million USD and the total supply of tokens is capped to 50,000,000 BLS. The smallest available denomination being 0.0001. There are Plans to be listed to several exchanges including Binance and Bancor (application in process).

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