Joys is an open global blockchain platform for remittance with a help of various crypto-currencies in any stores that are connected to Joys without violating the laws even in those countries where the crypto currency is recognized as a monetary surrogate.

We create an infrastructure that allows you to conduct transactions in any crypto currency to pay for a part or the full cost for purchasing all over the world. We have created an open API and have already implemented a number of integration solutions in POS systems operating in Russia and Europe. We are working to establish integration solutions with the biggest possible number of POS-systems and connect to the system as many stores as possible. A lot of stores will be able to accept crypto-currencies and tokens of many blockchain projects.

– Service enterprises which want to receive bitcoin or any other crypto currency.
– Blockchain projects, which want to provide the opportunity to pay their own crypto currency in any stores.
– Projects that would like to use blockchains and crypto currency in their business processes in order to encourage participants and establish motivation and loyalty programs.

We create a platform and infrastructure for the whole community which integrate the digital economy into the classical real economy, allowing people to get benefits of blockchain technology: to spend less fiat currency and to buy goods cheaper.

The mission of Joys is to make a contribution to the consolidation of the classical financial system and the industry of crypto-currencies, to bring the transition point of human civilization to the digital economy.

We have created a working, market-tested system which is already used in stores to automate loyalty programs and marketing campaigns. We create an open platform and payment processing infrastructure for the whole blockchain community with great developing  and scaling potential.

We expect the total amount of investments in platform development and creation of infrastructure on the world’s largest markets will correspond to no more than $ 140 million before it becomes self-financed. And money earned will be invested in the development of infrastructure around the world.

Joys Team is a synergistic unity of like-minded people, professionals and partners. The part of the Dinect and Rate & Goods companies employees has become the main core of the team. We have already managed to create a working platform, which provides JOYS payments reception for goods and services even before the ICO.

Now we have to connect the reception of other crypto-currencies and create the infrastructure in many countries. It’s our belief that we are able to do this, because many members of our team have great experience of implementing similar tasks.

Joys allows you to use the crypto currency as a payment for part or the full cost of goods or services. Such transactions are legal, since the platform fixes them as a discount in accordance with the rules of the loyalty program or marketing action offer, similar to miles, bonuses or discount coupons. At the same time, fiat money also remain relevant for all stores. Joys gives merchants the ability to accept crypto-currency in addition to their existing payment methods.

Pre-alpha Joys version is already available on request for implementation. We have already tested Joys integration solutions in several POS systems. We expect that the first stores in which it will be possible to pay for purchases by crypto currency will appear in spring 2018 in Russia and China. Our API is open, and its description is available in our Yellow Paper.

The use of crypto currency as means of payment in most countries is either expressly prohibited or not legally defined. Therefore, we implement the ways of using crypto currency to pay for purchases that do not lead to laws` violation: 1) the mechanics of loyalty programs that provide discounts on the crypto currency; 2) gift and prepaid cards; 3) digital coupons – involves the purchase of digital coupons for crypto currency, which allows you to include or exclude flexibly any goods in the check from the terms of sale.
Blockchain and crypto-currencies will change the world, and the Joys team intends to participate in this, offering at the first stage an easy-to-use platform for  making payments for purchasing in any store using any crypto currency.





  • PRE-ICO START TIME: 16-05-2018
  • PRE-ICO END TIME: 31-05-2018
  • ICO START TIME: 21-06-2018
  • ICO END TIME: 12-07-2018
  • ICO SUPPLY: 105000000 USD
  • TOTAL SUPPLY: 140000000 USD


  • ETH
  • BTC


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