Let us introduce you MonsterBit. It is a blockchain game. The new word in the gaming industry.
It is a clone of the most successful cryptogame – the CryptoKittens clone, but even a much more interesting one.
In case you don’t know, the CryptoKittens is a game, where people buy e-kittens and breed them altogether, get one more kitten and sell. The point is that all kittens are unique. Some distinct creatures worth a few hundred thousand of US dollars.

Yes, just a seldom picture can worth such a huge amount of money.
Do you say that the world has gone crazy? Yes, I am agree with you.
So let’s earn money on this craziness!

Monsterbit offers you exactly to do this.  
Here you have to feed and grow up your monster, and only then breed it. The most interesting feature in the game is that you do not simply grow up your creature to sell, but grow up a real fighting monster.
With which you can fight other gamers for all the values in the game. Foght for food, weapons and the monster itself. It is very cool!

There will be also advertising monsters in the game. I.e. your monsters will be advertising goods, and you will earn real money on it.
One more unique future of the game is the e-shop of the real stuffed toys. Monster owner gets 15% return on the sale of a toy

Participate in the ICO and become investor of the best blockchain game year 2018

What gains a token holder? 

You can buy the unique System monsters using tokens. These monsters differ from the monsters to grow up and breed. The System monsters are the generators. They generate the whole system. They generate all monsters, food, weapons and sell them.

I.e. token holders become sellers of the whole values in the game.
Your system monsters will generate, sell and provide you with profit.
1 token = 1 System monster.

There are 7.5 millions of tokens totally. 6 millions of tokens are to be sold. 1.25 millions of tokens go to the team. 250 000 tokes go for bounty.


Advertising, HOT ICO



  • PRE-ICO START TIME: 25-04-2018
  • PRE-ICO END TIME: 15-06-2018
  • ICO START TIME: 15-06-2018
  • ICO END TIME: 15-07-2018
  • TOKEN NAME: MonsterBit / MB
  • ICO SUPPLY: 6000000 ETH
  • TOTAL SUPPLY: 7500000 ETH


  • ETH


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